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As your body ages you produce less collagen, and by your mid forties you could see reductions of up to 30%, resulting in less elastic skin, increased wrinkles and a decline in the moisture retention of your skin too, diminishing the lustre associated with a younger complexion. Collagen shots have been specifically developed to help banish the wrinkles from the inside out - and unlike conventional collagen injections, our collagen shots provide a painless and effective way to increase your collagen intake, with a dosage that’s much higher than typical collagen tablets.  

Our Rejuvenated Collagen Shots have been formulated to provide you with an anti-aging solution that’s been created, tested and manufactured in the UK, and includes 100% natural marine collagen and açaí berry. Unlike anti-aging creams that simply mask the wrinkles themselves, increasing collagen can enhance the skin’s own infrastructure, providing a plumper surface that diminishes wrinkles and enhances tissue growth.  

Drink one of our collagen shots a day and you’d have to take up to thirty collagen tablets to get the same intake - and our shots are safe, effective and easy to drink too. At just over £1 per day you’ll also find that Rejuvenated Collagen Shots are exceptional value for money when compared to the alternatives, and a lot less painful. Unlike injections with effects that begin to diminish almost as soon as they’re complete, choosing collagen shots enables you to maintain a steady intake of collagen for the most uniform results.  

Order now and see the benefits of collagen shots for yourself, we offer a month’s supply for just £36 with free standard delivery in the UK. 


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